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About Me - JennysFreeCoupons.com
Hello, my name is Jenny Lincoln and I am the owner of JennysFreeCoupons.com. This site is dedicated to all the great mothers and grandmothers of the world which includes my own. I am the mother of one teenage son, Richie. My diapers days have been gone for a while but I do remember the cost involved with babies and more cost as they grow up. After all , they don’t come out of the shoot asking for an Mp3 player. You ease into the situation, which is good. I have a great respect to all the mothers out there who do everything they can to love and to raise their children. It wasn’t until I had my own baby that I realized all the things that must be done around the house and the business to achieve an organized happy family life. So, if you see a mother carring a baby carrier, do me a favor, hold the door for her. You can’t imagine how heavy those baby carriers are until you carry one yourself. Not to mention if you have multiple children and it takes forever to move the troops from point A to point B. Anyhow, I’m also the mother of the hairy children, my pets. I have two dogs, a Chinese Pug named Maddie, a Boston Terrier named Miki, a domestic short haired calico cat named Winnie and a Lops Rabbit we call Honey Bunny (original – I know). Oh, I have been married for 20 years to a smart, wonderful guy named, Darren.

With the economy the way it is now, I saw a need for a different kind of website, A website that offered more. I wanted a website like like no other. I wanted a website that I would enjoy. So, I set out to complete the mission.

JennysFreeCoupons offers free printable coupons for stores we go to everyday. Like the Grocery store. Why wouldn’t you want to save money at the grocery store? Your gonna eat, why not print out the coupon before you go. I get so mad at myself if I’m at a store and I say, “Oh no, I forgot the coupon”. I’ll wait to purchase that item. I learned to keep an envelope in my purse to hold these coupons so this doesn’t happen often. In addition to grocery stores we have coupons for Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, and large box stores like Target and Walmart. I generally have over 3,000 free coupons on file that are updated every 30 minutes. Feel free to browse around, choose the coupons you desire, check them and print them in a very easy to follow fashion. Then , take them to your favorite store to redeem. You will be surprised how much you can save by using this free service for about 15 minutes a week. I have been told by some of our followers that it cut their grocery bill as much as 50%

I’m also going to enjoy sharing some of my low fat (not always) easy to make recipes with you via my blog and my tv show, www.Jenny-TV.com. I love to cook. I’ll show you how to make some quick easy meals. Take left overs and make them gourmet meals or to have a light quick snack that does not pack a lot of calories.

Remember, www.JennysFreeCoupons.com is like no other coupon site on the web! Not only do I help you save money for free of charge and zero membership fees. I will offer you unlimited free listings of items you would like to sell, swap, trade or giveaway, like pets, merchandise, cars, boats, homes and more in our FREE Classified Marketplace Section. Think about it? Do you have something you want to sell, swap or trade?. Do you have a house you want to sell? Or a car? Or a boat? How about merchandise? Forget the traditional “text only” ads, what ever you have, upload photos or videos along with the text and you can feel good knowing your items will be seen by thousands of potential buyers.

Please follow us on on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or any of the other social networks. Also, don’t forget to join my weekly newsletter so we can stay in touch and I can send you updates for weekly specials and the best deals offered by my advertisers.

Thanks for visiting. I want our followers to have a very positive experience with my site and to feel like some one is listening. If you have a request or concern send us an email. We are here to make sure you find the best values out there and have fun saving. Also, if you have your own blog, feel free to link up to any of our many shopping categories and share your best savings experiences with us weekly.


Jenny Lincoln

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